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Aquafine is a leading provider of Industrial UV Systems used in various industrial and commercial applications, including food and beverage, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, aquaculture, and other sectors for microbial inactivation, TOC reduction, chlorine and chloramine reduction. The company’s UV systems are renowned for their effectiveness, compactness, and user-friendliness. Aquafine offers a range of products, including the Aquafine VL Series, SwiftBeverage Series, OptiVenn Series, and Logic Series, each designed for specific applications in different industries. For instance, their UV systems for microelectronics are designed to handle contaminants in the parts per trillion ranges that can produce yield-impacting defects as critical dimensions for integrated circuits continue to decrease. Aquafine is committed to ensuring the reliability and efficiency of their UV systems, providing essential support and services to their customers worldwide.


  1. Considering the Upgrade:
    • Have you considered the benefits of upgrading to the new Aquafine systems? The newer technology offers significant advantages including improved efficiency and a more compact design.
  2. Support for Legacy Systems:
    • Are you using one of the legacy systems? Note that support for these systems is being phased out, and it might be a good time to plan the transition to a new system.
  3. Contact for Transition Planning:
    • Do you need assistance with transitioning to a new UV system? You can contact the local Aquafine sales representative or Aquafine application support for help with finding the appropriate replacement solution.