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Hydranautics, a part of the Nitto Group Company, is recognized as one of the global leaders in membrane technology. They utilize cutting-edge technology to produce some of the most advanced and high-performance membrane products in the industry. Since being acquired by Nitto Denko Corporation of Japan in 1987, Hydranautics has been an integral part of Nitto’s Global Membrane Division (GMD), contributing to its reputation as a powerhouse in the membrane technology field.

Extra Information:

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  1. Advanced Membrane Technology:
    • How could the advanced membrane technology from Hydranautics enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your water treatment or purification processes?
  2. Global Leadership:
    • In what ways does Hydranautics’ position as a global leader in the membrane field influence your decision-making when selecting membrane products for your projects?
  3. Nitto Group Synergy:
    • How might the synergy between Hydranautics and the broader Nitto Global Membrane Division benefit your operations, particularly in terms of innovation and product development?