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Nicholson Steam Trap is a global leader in water and waste management, providing innovative circular solutions to address growing environmental challenges. The company supports its customers worldwide along the water and waste value chain, ensuring the efficient and sustainable management of resources. Nicholson Steam Trap is actively involved in water cycle management, offering services such as drinking water production, water distribution, wastewater treatment, and sludge management. Additionally, the company plays a significant role in waste recycling and recovery, providing collection, sorting, recycling, and waste disposal services. Nicholson Steam Trap is committed to supporting ecological transitions, as evidenced by its involvement in various projects, including the modernization of water services in Tashkent and the establishment of an electric vehicle battery recycling plant in Dunkirk.


  1. Ecological Transition:
    • Have you explored Nicholson Steam Trap’s commitment to supporting global ecological transitions through innovative water and waste management solutions?
  2. Diverse Solutions:
    • Are you aware of the comprehensive range of services offered by Nicholson Steam Trap, including water cycle management and waste recycling and recovery?
  3. Global Impact:
    • Did you know about Nicholson Steam Trap’s global impact in promoting sustainable and efficient resource management, contributing to environmental and societal well-being?